Top 10 Wedding Budget Tips

Probably the most upfront and frank budget tips you'll ever get! Exclusively from

1.Think of everyone you know.

You'll be amazed at how you can easily get great deals through word of mouth.

Ask your friends, coworkers, relatives etc to ask around for you. Ask them if they know anyone who bakes cakes at home, who's good at graphic design/web design, who loves to take professional pictures as a hobby, who's artistic and organized, etc. All these people can help you - most will do it at a very affordable price and some may even do it for free.

If you are concerned about things not turning out right (for instance the cake etc), feel free to ask for a sample!

2. Find someone who bakes cakes for fun or is a home baker.

You will save tremendous money by asking a home baker to make your wedding cake. Many home bakers have the experience and you'll be surprised at what they can do.

You can choose a very simple yet elegant design at a very good price. Plus, home bakers can customize the flavors for you and provide better tasting cakes than many bakeries do (many use preservatives and artificial flavorings)

Smart Tip: Find a local craft store that offers cake decorating classes and ask the instructor him/herself if they are willing to make a wedding cake for you. Most will be delighted to do so.

3. Does anyone have a business in printing and graphics arts?
(Wedding Invitations, RSVP cards, name tags and numbers for tables, signs, itinerary, thank you cards, etc.)

Many high school and college students are incredibly skilled in graphic arts. Ask a relative or friend to help you print your own invitations, rsvp cards, etc! There are many "print it yourself"; invitation kits available at craft stores.

Smart Tip: Many craft stores (such as Michaels and AC MOORE) offer 40-50% coupons. Look for some online or ask a store associate how you can get ahold of some. Use them for your invitations!

4. Look for wholesale stores! (Buy party favors)

When it comes to wedding favors, the internet is your friend. Due to major competition, the prices have been heavily discounted - it's just up to you on finding them! Check out eBay for wholesale lots of party favors.

Smart Tip: Check out your local craft stores again! Purchase tulle and buy candy, wrap them up and viola - you got yourself some wedding favors. If you'd like to jazz it up a bit, buy delicious chocolate or candies by the pound or in bulk (such as BJs, SAMS Club, etc.)

5. Does anyone you know work at a flower shop? (Bouquets, centerpieces)

Visit your local florist and ask what the most affordable bouquets/packages are. Or, arrange your own floral arrangements. Look through magazines, books on floral decorating, visit fine floral shops, and take pictures of floral arrangements you like in public places for ideas. Because flowers are perishable, they have to be prepared and arranged at the last minute. If you're having lots of flowers, you'll need lots of help.

6. Does anyone know how to do hair and make-up well?

It's easy to say you can do your own makeup or have a friend do it. But you can get an experienced make-up artist by going to your local mall and asking those make-up artists that you see at high end cosmetics stores to do your makeup for the wedding. A bonus tip: Ask for a free makeup session, if he/she does a great job, ask them if they would be interested in doing your makeup and how much they would charge. As for hair, you can befriend a hair stylist at a local hair salon and ask them if they'd be interested in doing your hair for your wedding.

Making an appointment directly through your hair stylist instead of the salon will ensure that he/she will get the pay instead of a small percentage. Most of the time, it'll be a lower price.

7. Is anyone a DJ or in a band? (Music for the wedding)

When it comes to the DJ, it's basically the life of your wedding. So, pick out a good DJ for maybe a few hours.

8. Do you know anyone who does photography as a hobby?

You'll be surprised at how many people have a professional SLR camera and take photos for fun or as a hobby. Ask around, you may find yourself a freelance photographer who is building up their wedding portfolio but take really great shots. Remember, a good photographer takes good pictures and has a good eye - they don't necessarily have to specialize in only weddings.

Or, find a good photographer and ask for the economy or most affordable packages. Ask the photographer to limit the number of hours. For an even better deal, ask to have your pictures on a DVD rather than prints. You'll be able to print your photos at a local RITZ for a good deal later on.

9. The Internet is your best friend.

Search on auction sites for special deals & favors, search on for local vendors! You'd be amazed at how many professionals are trying to get their new services out there and will advertise almost anywhere. You may find a professional photographer specializing in sports photography looking to expand his/her wedding portfolio, or a DJ that just recently moved to your city and is looking for new customers & referrals.

10. Visit the library & bookstores!

Almost anybody can put together creative solutions for a wedding on a tight budget. Hit your local bookstore or library and read books on weddings. Better yet, you can check them out and get lots of ideas. You'll be amazed at how much you can do with a computer & a good printer. Get in touch with your creative side and you'll amaze yourself!