Characteristics of A Great Bridesmaid

Not sure who to choose as your bridesmaids? Read this article and you may have a drama-free wedding!

Who ever said that planning a wedding was easy? While wedding planning will become one of the most stressful jobs that you will undertake, there is some relief to your planning woes—they are called bridesmaids! Some brides are fortunate to have five or six bridesmaids, while others may have only one or two. Despite the quantity of bridesmaids involved in your wedding, having the help will bring you much gratitude.

In fact, your girlfriends are the reason that bridesmaids gifts were ever invented. If you are confused about who to ask to be bridesmaids in your wedding, there are four major attributes that you should consider before making your final selection.

She's Supportive:
The sole purpose of a bridesmaid is not to receive a bridesmaids gift, instead it is to be support to the bride. If your girlfriends cannot support you during your engagement period, then they do not meet the qualifications of being a bridesmaid. Supporting the bride does not mean that a bridesmaid has to be at her every beckon call, however, it does mean that she will do her best to provide the bride with the assistance that she needs whenever possible—even if means having a shoulder to cry on.

She's Assertive:
There comes a point in time when every bride will need a bridesmaid to step up to bat. When it comes to taking the lead, you must be sure that you have at least one bridesmaid that can be assertive. Whether her responsibility is to assign duties to other members of the bridal party or to solicit more participation from a lazy attendant, she must be capable of asserting herself.

She's Dedicated:
A bridesmaid should not serve the bride out of convenience. Accepting an invitation of being a bridesmaid takes total commitment. One of the major reasons why a bride presents her girlfriends with bridesmaids gifts is because she is thankful for their hard work and dedication. After all, it is not easy being a bridesmaid.

She's Friendly:
Keep in mind that just because she is your friend, does not mean that she is friendly. Each bridesmaid should not only be friendly toward the bride, but to others as well. Whether you are planning your wedding for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months, your bridal party must coexist in a friendly environment throughout the duration of the planning period. There is nothing more stressful for a bride than a bridal party that does not get along. A trouble-making bridesmaid is not worthy of being a bridesmaid or receiving a bridesmaids gift. If you have a combative girlfriend that you would prefer to be a bridesmaid in your wedding, be sure that she lay all of her problems to the side before accepting the invitation.

If you can find a few girlfriends or relatives that meet these criteria, then buying bridesmaids gifts will be well worth it!

Bridesmaid jewelry gifts are always a nice way to say thank you.