How Do You Choose A Wedding Theme?

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For starters, you can choose from a variety of options. You can start off your planning by determining which season you want to get hitched in.

Spring and summer weddings are colorful. Autumn weddings are elegant, cool, and crisp. Winter weddings create a winter wonderland-slash-fairytale ambiance. This works for holidays as well. We’ve also read about Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or even Halloween weddings.

You can also determine the theme of your wedding based on where you want it to be held. Nautical colors look great on beach weddings as well as yacht weddings. On the other hand, wild flowers, wheat and grass could serve as inspirations for barn weddings.

Ultimately, the decision on what wedding theme to choose will come from you as a couple. For inspiration, you can visit websites such as,, and They are treasure troves of wedding ideas, so you’re sure to pick up one or two to get your started on planning your wedding.