Picking the Best Wedding Dress for Your Body

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Women come in different shapes and sizes. So, one wedding dress that looks good on a model might flatter the wrong features and hide those that you want to show off. Here’s a rough guide on how to pick a dress that would accentuate the right curves.

For Curvy Women, Bottom Heavy
A ruched bodice or a scooping neckline will draw attention to your chest. Sweetheart necklines will also do the same trick for you. Keep the bottom simple and choose a strapless gown to balance yourself up. Top Heavy Create a waist for yourself by choosing a gown that’s cinched at the waist with a full skirt or a flare at the bottom. Deep V necklines and corsets are your best options. Do not, by all means, wear empire cut dresses. Keep the top half of your dress simple, but go all out on the bottom so that you create a balance between the two halves of your body.

Thin fabrics will give you a delicate body. Since you are on the heavier side, avoid tiny details and go for larger ones. Satin, when worked with properly, will definitely show off curves in the right places when it hits any lighting source. Go for a dress that’s structured at the waist and make sure that it hits the floor. Any length shorter than that will make the dress look too small for you.

For Slender Women, Tall and Slender
It’s best to play up your proportions by going long. Choose a gown that either hits the floor or a dress that falls an inch past the knees. If you want to wear long sleeves or a wedding jacket, make sure that the end point of the sleeves goes beyond your wrist. Shy away from delicate patterns, ruffles, and ruches, however, go for a cinched waist so you create an hourglass figure. Keep it simple so that the focus is on your slender and statuesque body.

Create curves by choosing a floor-length gown that is cinched at the waist and drops to a full skirt. This will give you an hourglass figure. If you’re looking for a tea-length dress, go for one that has a side seam that curves to give you a delicate shape. You can also wear necklines that emphasize your chest for you to be able to show off your slender arms.

You have a small frame, so steer clear of anything voluminous. Your body would look best in a form-fitting gown that shows off your slender silhouette. Give yourself a high waist to create the illusion of a longer torso and legs. Keep it simple as well. Avoid large patterns and huge bows.

Small Bust
Halters and ruffles will put a little volume into your upper body. A ruched bodice will also do the trick for you. To balance out, you can go for a full skirt made of very light fabric as well.