The Savvy Budget Bride - Money Saving Tips on Wedding Photography, Cake & More!

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We've heard of countless horror stories of budget brides hiring not-so-professional photographers and the newlywed couple ended up disappointed.

How do you avoid this?
Simple - find a great photographer, but ask for a couple of hours only. Sure, they may not capture every single moment, but what's important is that they capture the most important ones. Sure, you might not get all the "detail" shots, but the most important moments are what matter most - the bride walking down the aisle, exchange of vows, the bridal party, the first dance, the father/daughter dance. When you're on a tight budget, this is the best way to go.

Would you rather receive 400 "ok"; images or 150 fantastic and professional ones?
Find a good photographer and tell them you are on a tight budget for the wedding - most will be happy to give a special rate if it's only for a couple of hours.

Photographers that don't bother to give you a price for a few hours aren't worth your time, look for someone else. You'll eventually find someone who will want your business.

Another money saving tip:
Look for a photographer who works out of his/her home. Photographers who own a photo studio will charge much more to cover overhead expenses.

Another tip, get the most basic deal - skip all the extra mumbo-jumbo. You can purchase a quality and beautiful leather album, print your own pictures and make your own unique photo album. You can also request to receive the images on a dvd instead of prints to save more money - then you can print them out yourself.


Oh how the cake has changed. Cake and desserts have gone couture and designer now, but that does not mean you should cringe and worry.

You have several options - have a cupcake tree!
Cupcakes are so in now that more and more couples are having cupcake trees as their wedding cake. Look for a cupcake tree/stand or make your own simply by placing cake stands on top of each other.

Purchase 2-3 gourmet cakes at a real bakery and put them on a cake stand.

Prefer a more traditional wedding cake? Here's a great tip if you refuse to have grocery store sheet cakes:
Decorate the cake by putting fresh flowers on top of the cake, and put rose petals and candles all around the cake table. You could even purchase gourmet cheesecakes, just make sure to keep them refrigerated. You can purchase cake stands at any cooking/kitchen stores or craft stores. We recommend affordable cake stands by Wilton.

Another money saving tip - get additional coupons (40-50% off any regular priced item) at your local Michael's. AC MOORE or other craft stores.

It's free to subscribe online and get free coupons. The regular price of cake stands will range from $30-$50, but with your coupon, you'll get a great deal! You can also look on eBay for fantastic deals on cake stands - you might even find unique antique cake stands.


Look for great deals online. You can now purchase bridesmaids dresses online at incredibly low prices. Not only will your bridesmaids thank you for not burdening them with an expensive dress to buy and wear, but as long as they are comfortable in the dress and paid a great price, they'll be happy.

Your bridesmaids will probably wear them once anyway (and might just collect dust in their closets) so why bother with the high end designer dresses? (Unless of course, your girls don't mind spending more)

Now, your wedding gown - while we can all dream of wearing a brand new couture Vera Wang wedding dress, sometimes we have to be realistic with our budgets. Besides, it's not the designer tag of the wedding gown that your guests will smile and look at, your photographer will take pictures of, and your fiancé will love forever.

It's all about you - you'll look beautiful no matter what, as long as you're smiling, comfortable and happy. What matters is that you have found true love and will be walking down the aisle looking fabulous, it doesn't matter if your gown cost $100 or $8,000.The savvy bride can pull it off.

Remember, what makes a wedding memorable are your guests having a great time, you and your fiancé smiling & laughing, mothers of the bride/groom crying tears of joy.


Ah the music - of course, you and your guests need to dance and celebrate! So how do you save money in this category?

One bride found her DJ through

The DJ turned out to be a great DJ in NYC that just recently moved to St. Petersburg FL who was looking to build up his clientele.

You can hire a DJ but limit the hours. Have the DJ double as the MC. Avoid getting married in December as the demand for DJs go insanely high (think company Christmas parties, New Years parties, etc).

If you're really on a tight budget, consider making your own play list on your iPod, renting monster sound systems and having a friend take "control" over the music.


Make your own! Get crafty and you can add your own special touches to it. Visit your local craft store and you'll get a ton of ideas. You can purchase ribbons that match the color of your wedding and wrap it around the invitation. Or, search online and find the best deals.

Some great websites are:

Many craft stores now carry Do-It-Yourself kits that are hip, modern and affordable.