What's the Best Neckline for Your Figure Type?

You want to enhance your best features on your big day. Selecting the best neckline to compliment your strengths is easy with this great checklist. In this article, we present the basic necklines and offer suggestions on who looks the best in them. Remember, these are only guidelines. You should always try on many different styles to determine what looks the best on you!

graphic - V Neckline

Perfect for: showing-off your cleavage if you have a B or C cup size.
Just like the name says, the V-neck style creates a deep v-shaped cut to flatter and show cleavage.
Reconsider this style if: you have an A cup or a D+ cup size.

graphic - Off The Shoulder neckline

Perfect for: brides with great shoulders and defined collar bones. This style often flatters full chested and pear shaped figures.
Off-the-shoulder is quite popular. This neckline rests below the shoulder and typically has sleeves that cover a small part of the upper-arm.
Reconsider this style if: you have fuller arms, broad shoulders, or slouched posture.

graphic - Sweetheart neckline

Perfect for: larger chests, shorter necks, flattering cleavage and bust.
The Sweetheart neckline is pretty, delicate, and found on many of the popular styles of gowns. It's distinguishing look is the heart-shaped top.
Reconsider this style if: you have a smaller chest size.

graphic - Halter neckline

Perfect for: any chest size, broad shoulders, and nice backs.
Halter necklines typically feature straps that wrap around to the back of the neck. It can come with high necks and very deep cut arms holes for a dramatic and sexy look!
Reconsider this style if: you have narrow shoulders, a thick back, or slouched posture.

graphic - Scoop neckline

Perfect for: practically anyone!
Scoop necks are reminiscent of the 50s and 60s - something like Jackie O would wear. It's a classic look really looks great on any figure type.
Reconsider this style if: you don't want to draw attention to your chest or neck.

graphic - Jewel neckline

Perfect for: the conservative bride and for a small chested women who want to look slightly larger
Jewel necklines (also called T-Shirt necklines) are definitely more conservative than any other style.
Reconsider this style if: you are already large chested and don't want to look larger!

graphic - Bateau neckline

Perfect for: smaller chested brides
The Bateau neckline is trendy and classic. It is somewhat off-the-shoulder, but is cut straight and tends to follow the curve of your collar bone.
Reconsider this style if: you have a larger chest size.